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Feeling Unbalanced? You Will LOVE this Life-Changing Solution!

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"I feel like I'm failing at everything."
"I'm so overwhelmed."
"I did so much today and still feel unaccomplished."
"I feel like I don't have control over my life anymore."
"I have zero balance in my life!"

Any of these ring a bell? It was pretty much my daily theme-song I sang to myself for years. Lyrics I could not get out of my head no matter what I did or tried. I felt so overwhelmed and lost every single day.

Then I found a solution that was so simple! It was was there all along, how did I not see this before?

First I started by looking at my days individually. What did I do all day? What did I cross off my to-do list? What was still on my to-do list? Did I even write a to-do list? I discovered something so enlightening. I was only adding to 2-3 of my life buckets each day.

What the hell are life buckets?

Life buckets are the parts of our lives that we find the most important. These buckets we want to keep full as possible. When we accomplish something that adds to the bucket, it gets more full. When we ignore a bucket, everything inside starts to evaporate and it becomes empty.

The next morning I decided to write out my "buckets". But I went a step further...

I could have written things on my buckets like "Family", "Love Life", or "Career" but that's too vague. So I wrote down my biggest goals for these buckets. Very specifically. Even more important, I wrote them like they were already happening. These goals quickly turned into daily affirmations.

For example:
Instead of simply writing "Career" as a bucket, I wrote the following goals/affirmations:

1. I make $300,000 per year
2. I am creative every day

I wrote down 6 very specific affirmations that were the top priorities for my buckets.

Every morning I wrote down these 6 affirmations and read them a few times over. I was prepping my subconscious to store these throughout the day.

Then at the end of the day I went back to the list, and I wrote down what I did that day to add a little to each bucket or what I needed to improve on.

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The first day of doing this my mind was blown!!

I had filled 4 of my 6 little buckets. I felt amazing. I realized the reason I was feeling so unbalanced for so long was because I was ignoring so many things that really mattered to me each day. One day I would really focus on my career goals––but I would ignore my relationships and personal health. Then the days I focused on my personal health and relationships, I was ignoring my career.

I was overflowing buckets and letting the others dry up right before my eyes!

Taking this even further, at the end of each day when I didn't make any progress towards an affirmation I wrote a suggestion of what I could have gone to give that part of my life a little more love. Even if it was something small. Then the next day I was able to shift a little bit more.

I continued to do this every morning and every night. No matter how tired I was or how bad of a mood I was in. Every time I did it, I felt so much better and balanced. Because even if I did focus a little more on one section than another, I was aware of it. Which made me feel more in control. And writing out what I could have done to improve that day made me optimistic for the following day to make changes.

I realized I was so bad at celebrating my small victories.

By writing down even the littlest thing I did to help fill a bucket made a world of difference. It made me shed light on those little things I normally would miss. It's very similar to a gratitude journal. There were days I'm sure I touched all buckets but just forgot about at the end of the day I felt so unbalanced and like a huge failure.

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Please share this with any friends or loved ones who can use a little more balance in their lives. We all deserve to feel in control of our lives and be given all of the tools necessary to do so!