The Modern Life Mrs.



Years ago the terms "health + wellness" weren't even on my radar. I was the girl who ordered chicken fingers at fine-dining restaurants off the children's menu and my kitchen was always stocked with mac + cheese, chips + salsa, and ice-cream. I didn't know anything about meditation...and honestly didn't care. I thought negative self-talk was a way of life that could not be changed and didn't understand the impact our thoughts can have on our lives. Vitamins + supplements? Who needs those!

My gosh, HOW MUCH HAS CHANGED! Here I dive into all aspects of health and wellness. Notice that fitness is not the only tab here––I learned that being fit does not mean being healthy. My approach to health and wellness is a well-rounded approach that is 80/20 (because let's be real, no one can be perfect!). I focus on the mind, body, and spirit...and definitely the GUT!