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New to Juice Challenge | Recharge Your Gut!

I promised this juicing challenge before the holidays but without a website launched I knew it would not be done how I wanted––so like many things in life, plans changed!

But now that I have a space to host the challenge and download––it's time! And to be honest, I feel like a giant blob after Thanksgiving indulgences. I ate gluten for the first time in over a year, ate SO much sugar and dairy, and had some cocktails. Needless to say my gut is currently in shambles and my colitis flare is getting worse. So I think this is the perfect time for a tummy refresh!

First let me start by saying, I know this is hard. That's why I call it a 'challenge'. It's so easy to think about eating healthy...then grabbing the bag of potato chips from the pantry. Juicing takes time, effort, and obedience. But it's SO worth it. 

But enough chit-chat...let's get to it!

Juicing challenge Prep

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