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Diving into the Love + Lemons Cookbook

Did I buy this book because the bright and airy cover imagery pulled me in like a month to a flame? Guilty. I saw it on shelf and immediately thought, "uhhhh you're so pretty. Get in my life, now." I didn't even read the recipes before I decided I was buying this cookbook. But I'm a photographer...can you blame me? The images in this book are stunning!

Aside from the pretty pictures, this cookbook does have great content. If you're a newbie with the healthy eating lifestyle––this is cookbook is a good place to start!

The recipes are not overly complicated or confusing (thank goodness!). Us Modern Life Mrs are extremely busy––jobs, kids, working out, play dates, family functions––shall I go on? We don't always have time for a recipe with 30 ingredients and 20 steps. To be honest, I never make recipes like these. I am drawn to quick and simple recipes.

What I love is this book offers recipes for all types of lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 2.09.56 PM.png

So, do I love EVERY recipe in this book? Of course not. Each cookbook I have is not because I am going to make every recipe. I utilize more as general guidance and inspiration to incorporate into our household diet plan. We eat dairy free, gluten free, and low sugar so we are always looking for ways to make swaps in cookbook recipes to make it our own. This book is wonderful for that!

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