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Holiday Decor for Dudes

I must say, I am very proud of some of my guy friends and fiancé, lately. They have really started 'adulting'. I notice more of them are trying to be more fashion forward, care about skincare products, and even enjoy a nicely decorated place! Yes guys, its' time to part ways with the hand-me-down mismatch furniture and sports illustrated/beer can posters on your walls. CAN I GET AN AMEN?!

A lot of men want to have a nicely decorated space, but don't know where to begin. So I put together this masculine holiday room with the mindset of, "If Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Tom Hardy, Jimmy Fallon, and Ryan Reynolds were to have a home holiday man-date...what would the room look like?" I pictured something classic, trendy, sexy, with a dash of humor (I mean, who doesn't love a cigar smoking reindeer?). 

A place that screams, "Check out my dude space. Isn't it manly?!...but ladies are always welcome..and encouraged to tell me how great this room is." 

When decorating a 'dude room', going with neutral hues is a safe bet. I have always been a fan of gray, dark blue hues, browns, with metals accents. My fiancé always responds well when I throw that color combo into a room-aka his new office. 

Most men are very visual. They like to know 'what's what' right away. So by adding the cutting board to the cocktail area, it really defines that space and breaks up the clutter of the table. 

You will never see a room I decorate without books in it. It's one of the most simple decor tricks I know! I stack and stagger 2-3 books and add 1-2 unique pieces on top. It adds height and dimension to shelves and ladders. I get all of my decor books from Goodwill, hard cover books are just $2/piece!

I always try to mix textures for interior design. For the guys, mixing metals with wood is my favorite! 

Make sure to share this with all of the dudes in your life. 

I think it's our duty to help them out in the decor department!

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