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A Bright + Boho Holiday

It's time to break the holiday decor mold, my friends! I am LOVING these out-of-the-ordinary themes in the Christmas aisles already. Saying it right here, right now, may your season be BRIGHT + BOHO! I love it's finally "acceptable" to go against the grain for holiday decor. Walking through the aisles of my Mother Ships (Target, TJmaxx, Homegoods, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's) is so refreshing this year. No offense to the traditional green and red...but I was getting a little bored. 

These vibrant colors caught my eye immediately. It felt like I was a kid in my kickass little craft room––gimme all the pom poms and colored yarn!

One of my favorite things about this style is you really can't go wrong. You can mix in different vibrant pieces and it all somehow just works. Cacti, pom poms, and yarn covered antlers? Who would have thought!



So what do you all think? Love the bright holiday look? 

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