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My Maternity Must-Haves

Maternity Pillows

Meet the other men in my life (yes my maternity pillows are “he’s” according to my husband). My hubby hates these things. Maybe because I snuggle more with it every night than I do with him? Most likely.


The Modern Life Mrs - Maternity Essentials
The Modern Life Mrs - Maternity Essentials

Premama Prenatals

You should take your prenatals before evening getting pregnant, but if you’re like me and didn’t even think of it until your OBGYN asks what brand you’re taking at your first bump appointment (whoops!). No worries. Just start asap!

I love this brand. Their is some peppermint in there which I love. Digests well and doesn’t upset my stomach. I’ve been taking these every day for my whole pregnancy and plan to after baby boy has arrived.



Laced Hair Extensions

I am so glad I got extensions before pregnancy! My whole first trimester I didn’t want to get off the couch, let alone actually do my hair or get ready. So being able to wash my hair once a week and still have decent looking locks made me still feel somewhat together.

I get mine done from Lo at White Brick Salon!

Tell her Heather from The Modern Life Mrs sent you!


Dry Shampoo

If extensions are my pregnancy best friend––dry shampoo is her ride or die.

I apply it to my roots after every wash and it makes my roots less greasy for longer. WOO! My favorite brand is “Cavier”



Stretchy Underwear

I love Target’s Auden seamless underwear! They are usually 5 for $20 and are super stretchy and comfortable. I just got a size up and they fit great.

I also love that I can wear tighter clothing with them and not see the panty line like I can with my other underwear.

The Modern Life Mrs - Maternity Essentials
The Modern Life Mrs - Maternity Essentials

Bra Extenders

The ladies got bigger pretty quickly in my pregnancy––and my bras got TIGHT.

Bra extenders were my saving grace. Super affordable and allows you to still wear your favorite bras for longer.

I also hate when my bra cuts into my back and you can see the bulge through my shirt. This fixes that!



Pregnancy Tanks

I live in these things.

I love wearing them under sweaters, with leggings, and even to bed. I always feel most comfortable when I have some clothing support on my bump so I like that these fit nice and snug. AND THEY STRETCH…of course!

I have several brands (Target, Motherhood, etc) but the best deal was the Time and Tru brand at Walmart. They were $6 compared to $20+ at other stores! I stocked up.

I wore them constantly on our babymoon in Florida and was very comfortable in the heat!

The Modern Life Mrs - Maternity Essentials
The Modern Life Mrs - Maternity Essentials

Jojoba Oil

Pregnancy acne was so real for me. My back was one giant cyst––it was a nightmare.

During my first prenatal massage I was mortified to have the massage therapist touch my back, but even more scared her lotion would make my breakouts worse.

So I brought my own organic jojoba oil. She said it exfoliated my back and it would be great for my skin.

My back cleared up by 50% over night! I was so thrilled.



clean beauty products

I always try to keep my makeup bag pretty clean. There are a few products that I’ll give myself some grace on but generally my face is 80% clean makeup products at all times.

During pregnancy I have avoided wearing makeup often. I never have makeup on while at the house and really only do a “full face” if we have an event or photoshoot. Otherwise I go fresh faced or just put on mascara.

My favorite clean beauty brand is 100% pure. I love that they use fruit to pigment their makeup! I use their eye shadow palettes, anti-aging lipstick, concealer, eyeliner, and I also just ordered their blush, highlighter, and loose powder to try.

I also use the Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation and Mattifying Powder from Beauty Counter.

I currently use Tarte’s matte bronzer which i’m OBSESSED with because I don’t like shimmery bronzers. But I am going to try out some other brands and see if I can find a cleaner bronzer I love. But until then, that’s my one “not so clean” face product.

The Modern Life Mrs - Pregnancy Essentials
The Modern Life Mrs - Maternity Essentials

Panty Liners

Around 20 weeks I started peeing myself. YUP. Said it.

The first time was when I got sneezing attack while talking to my husband. I looked at him in completely horror, “Babe…I just fricken peed myself.” Poor guy had no idea how to respond haha.

Then every once and awhile a hard cough, sneeze, or laugh would make it happen again.

Panty liners are ESSENTIAL for pregnancy in my opinion. You most likely will experience more discharge while pregnant (normal). So these help protect your underwear from that as well.


Migraine Head Wrap

Pretty sure I had a headache every day my first trimester. It was intense.

I didn’t want to take any OTC medications, so tried to go as natural as I could and stick it out.

I LOVE having this head wrap on hand. I recommend having two so you can keep rotating them out of the freezer.



Essential Oil Guide

My sister in law is a huge essential oils fan just like me and she gifted me this book: Betsy Bosom's Baby Book: A Girlfriend's Guide to Using Essential Oils from Bellies to Babies

I LOVE IT. It’s so nice knowing what oils are safe for your growing baby and at what stages.

She also goes into other details of pregnancy and what you can expect.

I highly recommend this book for mom’s who want to use essential oils before, during, and after their pregnancy!



Maternity Leggings

Another thing that got tight quickly—my traditional leggings!

I had a cutie little muffin top that wasn’t so flattering. The leggings started to dig into my stomach and it got VERY uncomfortable.

I bought some high-waisted maternity leggings in my first trimester and ooooh eee, one happy momma over here! I wear these 90% of the week, no joke.

I love the BOUNCEBACK Post Pregnancy Leggings and BOUNCEBACK Seamless Compression Leggings


Simple Mills Crackers

My first trimester all I could stomach was these crackers, bread, and potatoes.

It’s really nice they make individual packets for on-the-go. I even kept a pack near my bed every night so I could wake up and eat them right away. I always felt the most queasy right when I woke up because my stomach was so empty.



Compression Socks

Swollen ankles and poor circulation––just some of the sexy pregnancy symptoms.

Compression socks keep your blood flowing and can alleviate swelling. These are really important if you are flying or taking a long road trip!

You are more prone to blood clots during this time and compression socks can lower the risk. I wore these each flight of our babymoon.



Safe Cleaning Products

You’re gonna hit a nesting phase, and you’re going to wan to clean, CLEAN EVERYTHING. When you do hit cleaning mode make sure your products are toxic free. Inhaling toxic chemicals can pose a safety risk to your unborn babe.

We use Thieves cleaning products in our home. But there are lots of great products out there! Find one you love and check the ingredients to make sure they are safe for your growing baby.


Wedge Pillow

I started getting heartburn in the second trimester and also came down with the flu.

My mucous drainage was horrible so propping myself up made being in bed a lot more comfortable.

I also think this will be really helpful during late-night feedings and not having to leave bed!


Essential oils

I’m just in love with oils. I have used them for years now for so many things. There are obviously oils I cant use while pregnant—but I’m so happy that some of my favorites are pregnancy safe! I only use Young Living Essential Oils. It’s a brand I really trust and know their vitality line is FDA approved for ingesting.

My must-have oils have been Stress Away, Frankincense, Lavender, Peace and Calming, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Copaiba, and Ginger.

All of these oils can help with different pregnancy ailments but should always be used as directed.


Large Water bottle

I’m the worst water drinker EVER.

I don’t know why it’s always such a struggle for me. But staying hydrated during pregnancy is necessary! Being dehydrated is not safe for your baby but it will also add to you feeling more queasy, can cause stomach cramps, tight muscles, and a lot of other health issues.

What helped me was filling a jug or large water bottle with the amount of water I needed to drink in a day (or every few hours) so I could always physically see what I had left for the day.

I got the cutest crystal top ones from TJ Maxx! I got two so I always have one filled and ready to go in the fridge for if I need to run out on an errand.



If your insurance covers it, GREAT. Mine doesn’t but it’s still something I highly recommend during pregnancy. I started getting back pain my first trimester and just one adjustment would leave me feeling good for a whole month! Now I’m almost half way through my second trimester and the back pain is growing along with my belly.

My chiropractor told me the further along I get the more often she will want to adjust me.

My mom said out of her 5 children she birthed I was the only one she went to a chiropractor with and I was her quickest and easiest birth––and she gives a lot of the credit to her chiropractor!


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