The Modern Life Mrs.


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Hello, gorgeous!
I'm Heather, aka The Modern Life Mrs. I am a Wisconsin girl who grew up crafting, writing sappy poetry one day, and rap lyrics the next (I can't make this stuff up!), playing sports, spending hours on the phone with my girl friends, and chasing boys...I LOVED the idea of being in love at the ripe age of 14. I can't help but laugh thinking about all the years leading up to my mid-twenties. But as I've grown, it all started to make sense to me. My journey has created the woman I am today...

After going through a lot of big life changes: ending long term relationships, changing careers (corporate world to entrepreneurship...YIKES!), and getting diagnosed with ulcerative colitis––things started to make sense. 

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It started when I took the plunge and took my photography business full-time after almost a decade of building. It led me to some of the most amazing people and experiences of my life. I met the man of my dreams––who is now my fiancé and business partner. I created friendships that will last a lifetime. I photographed nearly 100 women for boudoir sessions and got to see first hand the vast amount of one-of-a-kind beauty in this world. Then trying to get my ulcerative colitis under control, I discovered the power of using food and natural supplementation as fuel + medicine. I also educated myself on the lies we are being told by big food companies on a daily basis and started sharing it with others. But the biggest changing point was when all of these pieces came together and gave me that "A HA!" moment. I finally realized that the things I was accomplishing and experiencing were all results of me embracing my life journey and who I really am. I decided then and there that I needed a platform to celebrate being a modern woman––and that we as women have so many different experiences and can add so much to this world.

Join me as we redefine the term "Mrs" and celebrate the amazing time we are living in––where a 'Modern Life Mrs' can be anything and anyone she desires. 

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